How to Control How You Feel About Someone ?

Too often we ask ourselves why we are in bad relationship ,without thinking in the the consequences that lead to this point.

The main idea is when we are in the bad mood is that we focus in the wrong thing

Watch this short to-the-point video to know where you should put your focus on ? What could the fearful mindset do to you ?

You will also know what you can do instantly if you feel bad or mad at someone even if you are alone and he is not insight, after you know what probably got you to the point where you not feeling that good about him.


Before Corona virus These Amazing Courses Were not FREE ;)

Always believe that something good is a about to happen

Apparently, talking about being positive in the current time may seem a little bit odd and non-realistic. But hey,what do you think the idea of being positive and optimistic means?

I sometimes hear people say :Because I have all these issues, I have to be pessimistic, I cannot be positive. And for me I really don’t get it. Being positive is the ability to see the good even in hard times.

Now we can all feel one big thing ,The uncertainty. What do I mean by that? It’s simple, for the first time in my life I can be sure that no one on earth could be sure about the crisis ,how or when we could be able to overcome it.

And you know what that’s exactly is the right time to test your positivity.
In the previous post I talked about the need to isolate yourself from what everyone is talking about on socials and starting to focus on what we can control to push our business forward.

The problem is that most people focus on the bad news and that’s focusing on what you cannot control.

Ask  yourself what could you do right now to improve the quality of your life and your work

One of the best things you can do at these times is learning, and the two main objections I believe people have when advised to study any subject or take an online course are: Lack of money and lack of time.

Can you learn something you have been putting it off due to lack of time ?

I think you have plenty of time now .

What about money ? That’s what I have brought to you, a list of amazing courses that are being offered for free almost for the first time.

And because I know from experience that when people are presented with lots of options they simply choose to absolutely do nothing, I will only give you one resource in each area, hopefully the best one available

Language learning for Kids

Rosetta stone is known to be one of the most reputable sources for language learning online

And now they are offering  free access for Students .

Having this funny tagline : Introduce them to a new language (because you can only hear baby shark so many times).

You can start  today with a 3-day free trial

You will have to verify some details to prove the name of the school or that your kids are being homeschooled.

The Linux foundation training are offering a variety of free courses to help you improve your skills in open source expertise

If you are in the online marketing arena I believe these courses should benefit you

You will know once you open the link whether it is a skill you want to master or not .They specialize in everything related to SEO

Udacity will fund 100,000 need-based scholarships to reskill and upskill workers in the United States.


Lots of gyms has closed their doors due to the pandemic as to stop all kinds of aggregating people in the current time and they are offering online classes for free.

Golds Gym is offering free access to its app, Goldsamp, til the end of May, where more than 600 audio and video  get you ready to work up at home.

Personal and business productivity

Linkedin learning is offering an amazing  series of courses to help you better mange your time and improve your productivity while working on your projects at home .You will be learning from experts like Dave Crenshaw (the author of the Myth of Multitasking and one of the best business productivity speakers)

And Arriana Huffington founder of The Huffington Post

Have children at home ?

The kids are at home because of pandemic, they are complaining there is nothing to do. You as parents,are also  stuck at home with your children,  wondering how to keep them busy doing something useful?

Audible offering free audio books for kids during corona-virus crisis.

Audible (the most famous audio book provider owned by Amazon ) is offering free streams on selected children’s stories. The books will be available in six different languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese and Italian.

“While school is on pause, kids can listen free,” Audible posted on its website.

The service began Saturday, Audible said.

“For as long as schools are closed, we’re open,” Audible said on its website. “Kids everywhere can instantly stream an incredible collection of stories.”

By now I think you have variety of stuff you can play around with.I think I should leave you some pace and time to think which one is suitable and decide to actually take action and start.

What about you ? Do you have other resources that could be useful d to help people make the best use of our time. Please share with us in the comments below .

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Talk Soon

Eslam Talaat

How is the crisis affecting you ?

Like almost everyone, I’ve been thinking about the pandemic and the effect of it on business.

I did not want to talk about it as I don’t want to act like everyone who is talking with no proof.

It’s like we are of the lookout of any post to share about the a subject.

So, after staying quiet for that long, I can say this: this crisis made me realize one thing…

The world if full of heroes.

And these super heroes are wasting ALL of people’s time.

Hang on ,I’ll explain.

Meet my friend X. His profile says he’s a marketer and he sells coaching services.

But when you read his posts it’s clear he’s both a doctor and an epidemiologist.

His marketer persona seems to be his secret identity. 😉

His real skills are in predicting disease and telling the government how to run the country during theses crisis times.

Certified super hero.

When I scroll down, I see a lot of Johns, too.

John. Jane. Jim. Joan. They’re everywhere.

Barista by day. Disease statistician by night.

Life coach by day. World leader by night.

Stay-at-home husband by day. Modern medicine expert by night.

And that’s the problem.

You see, right now we live in a troubling time for business. Almost all businesses. These side-line conversations become addicting and you run the risk of letting them eat YOUR ENTIRE DAY.

How do I know?

Because I fell into the same trap. I am being honest here.

As everything started heating up, I found myself wasting my time reading my social timelines instead of thinking about what’s most important:

“What can I gain back control right now to help my business?”

I mean, the stakes can’t be higher.

Small businesses are running the risk of closing their doors.

Service providers saw their income disappear over night.

It’s all very sad.

And reading all the nonsense isn’t going to help any of it.

So, what should you do?

First, stay safe, of course.

I am sure by now you know everything you should do to stay safe ( Stay at home, wash your hands well,….etc)

Second, ignore what all your friends are posting about on social media and think about the things in your business that you can control right now.

Third, think like an opportunist. For example: everyone is locked in their house right now browsing the internet.

They may not be buying, but they are clicking. And reading. And subscribing.

So, if I were you, I would double down on creating content. Now. More than ever.

What content can you create?

Provide hope. And confidence. And direction. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, people want to know they’re going to be okay and you should aim to be the guiding light for those people.

Now, quick question for you:

How has this entire global pandemic affected you? Please respond to this email and share.

Me? I was preparing the material for my upcoming American Accent for Arabic Speakers Course. I am going to be getting back to it and launching it.


Why we don’t achieve our goals ?

We have those goals, those hopes, we always do, we really want to achieve them enjoy success and join the realm of those who actually live the life of their dreams.

But we actually don’t do them, and year after year we realize we can’t do it, giving us a negative feedback about ourselves, we start to believe that we are losers and will always fails. Thus we stop dreaming and stay in mediocrity .Thinking that all these books and videos about people who succeed and reach their desired outcomes are fake and we end up losing hope.

So, is there a way out? Certainly there is, but let us first discuss we don’t achieve our goals or stick to our habits. The problem is simply we dream big dreams, we are interested in dramatic change and while we do so we neglect the effect of small baby steps. We need what we need  and we need it NOW .We need to be the most fit that we could ,we want to be rich ,we want a perfect partner .I mean really think about it .

Let us pick a simple scenario. Let us assume that today is the day you decide to add exercise  as a habit and eat healthy ,This is what you want and I believe you really do .but let us call it as it is .It has been at least one year since you made any kind of physical activity ,you have been eating Non-healthy food for more than you can remember .You have bad sleeping habits .Simply you’re doing everything that any sane man who cares about his own health would never do .And despite all this you believe you can snap a finger and flip everything your benefit doing everything  as it should be . Do you think you’re being realistic? Do you believe that change is gonna be that easy moving from the other extreme part of the spectrum to the other one? I don’t think so.

And this friend is the first part .To start to believe that radical change is by all means not possible. Not only that, let me tell you that I spent 1.5 years practically researching to find out a very shocking fact:” Your subconscious mind is not built in for change “.See? It is NOT, in case you did not notice ;).Yeah this is for real, do you think that your mind is going to help you change your old habits and build new positive habits? No it’s not .Why? Because building new habits is time consuming and requires a lot of efforts and our mind want to be lazy ,the human mind wants to continue doing what it’s already do thus is refuses any notion for change and becomes highly resistant to any call for change .

So what is the solution then? To sneak like a robber .Yes you heard me right .You need to add habits in a sneaky way, that your mind does not even notice it .I want you think of yourself as someone trying to get into a room and your subconscious is like an old man reading a newspaper or sleeping in that room, what is your mission at this specific case? Is to get in, try to put whatever you want to put on the desk without waking the old man up .Got it?

So how could you apply this in our real life? You add a very small part of the new activity in small quantities .As small as stupidly as possible.

Let us say you want to become fit .You don’t start by going to the gym every day after a whole year or may be 2 you did not hit the gym or even went in a simple walk or do a simple 5 min routine at home.

What you can do here is just add a 5-7 min exercises at home ,may be after you wake or before you got to work .And here is the kicker you don’t underestimate this activity and you also never go hardcore or increase the duration of your session until you make it as a ritual ,till you reach a point where you absolutely do it in a regular basis ,then and only then you think about increasing the time of your workout routine .When you reach a point where doing your work out is a habit as brushing your teeth when you wake up .

But What if I missed one or two times?

You have to know that your old programming is not going to leave you become that consistent with your new habit .Meaning you Will miss once or twice .It’s not gonna be like clockwork . So what should you do when this happen? You accept it. Get over it .And continue the next say or the next times. We are humans .This is called Life ,This is called business and stuff happens .

This is totally normal and accepted .Do not fail in the trap of trying to be perfect. Having that need to hit 100% of all your shots and whenever you miss one you give up. This is not gonna help you .And getting 50% of your goals certainly IS better than 0%.

Remember this .Success has be and continues to be defined as getting up one more time after you have been knocked down. So? You get back again on track .

This is the way, the human way .As There is no perfect way .

What am I doing?

I have been trying to be perfectionist all my life, missing most of my trials because I wanted to be perfect and I was waiting for the right moment, waiting to be ready. What did I find out? There no right time, and I will never feel I am ready. So I should start Now .Because the right time is NOW. I should be realistic, pick a practical simple routine I could actually follow and stick to.

And that’s what I am doing now. I am not gonna lie  and say I invented it .I got it from all super achievers .Post once or twice a week .Stick to it and you will get results .And Drum roll Decision taken .I started my podcast (Currently in Arabic soon will be in English ) on Sound cloud . I should post every Saturday and Tuesday. I am just getting started and have recorded and uploaded 3 episodes till the moment of writing this certain post.

What I am doing write now is another habit I am trying to develop .I got the plan from James Clear “the famous writer. He said he started writing a post on his blog years ago also 2 times a week. He had a promise to himself to post every Monday and Thursday he has to post a new article to his blog, no matter how long or short it is .How good or bad he thought.

I am now announcing that I am following on his footsteps .I am going to post also twice a week at the same days he used to post.

Guess What! What you are reading right now is the 1st post on this project .I will also have the same commitment and the same idea of not caring how long or short my article (I can tell it is long 🙂 How good or bad it is (You tell me what you think 😉  

Now you tell me what one thing you are going to start doing and what will be your simple and clear plan you put for yourself that you can follow and the beginning in order to get your feet wet in the game.

If this article was useful for you and inspired you to take action why not share it with your friends and help them feel the same.

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Have a good day.

Eslam Talaat