21 Day Happiness Challenge [Day Zero]


Alright Guys

It seems like every time  you try to do something (whether it was a weight loss goal or financial goal)you get inspired and motivated about it .You actually start doing it for a few days and suddenly after few times you lose your motivation and just stop doing it .Does this sound familiar ?

I know I have been there and it has happened to me many time in my life ,you know why ?

Apparently there could be Zillions of reasons for this ,if we could find the Only answer for this question we would have solved the main challenge of all the Humanity .

But allow me to give you my 2 cents about it . But before I do so let me ask you a question ,when was the last time your boss asked you to finish a special report in a specific date ? did you do it ? I assume 99.9% of you would say :”Of Course I did it ” .

So why did you do it ? Obviously you knew that if you did not ,it would have resulted in some pain for you ,may be a demotion ,pay cut ,or at least you will have put yourself in a bad situation and having to hear words of blame from your boss.

That’s why I believe after about 7 years of practical observation of people’s behaviors and motives that one of not following though and performing what we tell ourselves is :

The Lack of Accountability

That could be simply because we only tell ourselves about it ,in case of work you know that not doing the work mean that it could eventually get you Fired ,and we don’t want to be fired as we need to support our families .

But what about your weight  loss goal that you always put for yourself and don’t achieve ? or tell me about quitting smoking ,what was the negative outcome that would happen if you don’t do it ?

Frankly , Nothing . I mean let’s face it ,practically there is not any kind of punishment or harm would happen if we don’t achieve our personal goals .

Most of the time we use pleasure as our main motivation for action ,but what about Shame ,Embarrassment,and Depression ,can we use them to our advantage ? I am sure we will .

Ask your self how could all these corporate companies survive and progress ? There are always someone above another supervising him and holding him accountable ,while the latter is keen in doing the work  and reporting it the at the right time in the right way .

So how could we apply this simple and practical principle into our lives ?

Simply we stop telling ourselves only and start telling people around us .This is what many experts call

Public Goal Declaration 

By telling people around us about our desires we make ourselves vulnerable as we know eyes are looking at us and people are waiting us to achieve them .Thus we have the Incredible “Due Date” we have at work .

This is the reason I created this 21 Days Happiness Challenge for me and you .

So Why 21 Days ?

21 Days in  the number most scientists found it is what it takes to add a new habit in to our lives

But why happiness ?

I believe it is the hidden reason behind all of our desires (more on that later in the challenge )

It’s a challenge for me too

As I will have to follow through also my self and create a piece of fresh actionable content for you each day to help you feel Happier (I have a huge tool box filled with ways to make you happy 🙂 )

So everyday you will have a post ,audio ,video ,or any useful practical lesson help you practice more of your happiness muscles .

What will you get ?

By the end of this challenge you will not only have learned alot of ways to create more happiness (both Instantly and sustainable ) but you will arm yourself with a functional Muscle that you can use in any goal you have in all areas of your life .

Don’t Miss a thing 

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Now tell me what do you think about this challenge and are you looking forward in it ?

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and by the end if the challenge we will pick someone and offer him a free coaching with me .

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  1. The happiness challenge will walk you through daily proven activities and processes that will help you create a happiness routine, train your mind and emotions, and challenge you to take action that brings you tremendous joy and satisfaction. In the first week, you’ll create a happiness routine. In week 2, you’ll create a happy mind. In week 3, you’ll create a happy life.

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