Enrich your English Vocabulary

Talking in English is like building  walls and rooms , the more building blocks you have  the more and better walls you will be able to build.

It is the exact same as speaking ,you are building sentences and structuring phrases ,the more vocabularies you have ,the more enhanced sentences you can tell thus you will be able to express your self better .

This post comes as a response to one of our followers request ,Amira from Egypt ,she is a dentist  ,she said :” What is a suitable site can I use to nourish my English vocabs

So here is 2 simple easy to use resources to start with

1- http://www.vocabulary.cl/





This amazing simple site has lists of common vocabularies based on categories ,when you go to a specific list you will find some commons words under this topic ,most if the the time illustrated by pictures .They have 3 different levels of lists ,starting from Basic to Advanced .I beleive if you study 2 or 3 lists a day you will be able to finish it in 2 or 3 weeks .

They also have games and activities to test you on every topic .My advice is  you start working on it IMMEDIATELY .

2-English Vocabulary 2000 

This is simple yet amazing app will help you acquire your first 2000 common words easily ,it is also categorized by topics and levels .

What is more in that app ,is that you get :

– Example sentences grouped in an organized way
– Audio files from four different voice professionals

They have both Android and iOS version ,if you spend 30 mins on it a day ,you will start  feeling the difference in the amount of vocabularies you know soon



I can go on and on in giving you lots and lots of resources ,but I believe the fewer options you get now ,the better for you to start now without thinking and wasting a lot of time evaluating ,so GO NOW ,Start Studying .:)

So guys ,did  you like it ? have you found this post useful ?If you believe your friends could benefit from this post give is a share ,and if you have any question please ask us in the comments ,your question might be the topic of our next post of video